Overview Edit

The Matrix is a second dimension that game play can take place in with a focus on some of the more tech savvy shadowrunners. Deckers can jack-in to the matrix from a terminal and tech advantage of any weakness in the system they find there.

Network Nodes Edit

Network Nodes are the interconnected rooms that make up the matrix. These rooms are connected to one another by Portals that allow the decker to access deeper parts of the system. However, these Portals tend to be inaccessible at first, as a system sensing intrusion will likely send IC to deal with the intruder. Once the IC has been dealt with and Matrix Nodes found in the room may be hacked and the Decker may progress further into the system.

Portals Edit

Portals are what allow a Decker to traverse Network Nodes. If these didn't exist your Decker wouldn't have a whole lot to do once he gained access to a system.

Matrix Nodes Edit

Matrix Nodes are Props used for processing interactions from within to the Matrix to the meat world. These nodes when hacked tend to have beneficial effects to the Deckers team like opening doors, accessing security cameras, and taking over turrets.

Alarm Level Edit

Alarm Level is referred to as Heat in the Level Editor. This level is used for the when trigger "On Dimension Heat Threshold." This can be used to sick Black IC on a pesky Decker that has made his way too deep into the system. The value starts at whatever it is initial set to in Scene Properties.

IC Edit

Intrusion Countermeasures are your standard enemies found within the Matrix. IC comes in two flavors, White IC and Black IC. White IC shows up pretty regularly when a Decker has made their way into a system. These will come in different flavors that cover the removal of the Decker from the system to buffing/debuffing other entities in the system. Black IC, on the other hand, tend to appear when a Decker has overstayed their welcome. Black IC is super charged compared to their White IC counterparts and have the looks to match.