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A Tag is a fixed string that can be attached to any Asset in the Scene. These can later be used with Triggers to affect tagged assets.


  • You have a group of enemies that can't stand the sight of an elf. Give them a Tag. When the Tagged enemies are in the presence of an Elf, you may have them set that character as their Priority Target.
  • On how
  • Tags can
  • Be used

Assign a TagEdit

There are two options when it comes to assigning Tags. They can be set in the Properties view or by a Trigger.

From the Properties window you can simply add a Tag by typing it into the correct box.

In the case of setting with a Trigger, the first step is creating a new Trigger. Once you have set the conditions of the Trigger you can find the Do Statements "Add Tag to Actor" and "Add Tag to Prop" under the "Actor" and "Prop" menu.

Similarly, if you want a Tag removed, you will create another Trigger.

Using a previous example, lets say you had a conversation with this group of Elf haters prior to combat being initiated. With an appropriate Charisma Score you convince them that Elves are not all that bad, even if they smell funny. The conversation piece would then trigger the removal of the Elf Hater Tag.

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