Scene Contents is a view with a running list of all the things on the map that can be interacted with to cause some sort of action. This includes setting off Triggers, updating Goals, starting Events, and more.

Scene Contents Edit

Actors Edit

Actors are your PC's and NPC's. Their spawners will be listed here when they have been added to the Scene

Interactable Props Edit

Any prop that you've setup in the scene to be interactable will show up here.

Regions Edit

Regions you create in the Scene will be listed here.

Paths Edit

Paths you create in the Scene will be listed here.

The Drop Down Edit

From the drop down menu you can filter the visible data by:

  • IconActorActors
  • IconProp1Interactable Props
  • IconRegionRegions
  • IconPathPaths

The FilterEdit

The filter will match your search to the Name of what you are searching for. This means clever naming is key to keeping track of all your data when developing UGC.

For Example:

Quest Item: c01_s01_Lab_Key

  • c01 refers to the object being part of Chapter 1
  • s01 refers to the object being part of Scene 1

This way, you can search for everything in Chapter 1 by typing "c01" in the filter. Likewise, type "s01" to search for everything in Scene 1.

Adding New DataEdit

Actors dragged into the Scene from the Asset Library are automatically added to the Scene Contents view. This also goes for props that are made interactable.

Using the IconGearDropdown to edit contents of Story Data

  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Actor
  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Region
  • IconNewGenericCreate a new Path Route

Media Edit