ANDActor Has Run SpeedActor Has Status Condition
Actor Is A Controlled Spirit or DroneActor is Jacked inActor is Jacked in to Matrix Dimension
Actor is Player ControlledActor is a PersonaActors
Asset LibraryBuilding An Exterior MapBuilding An Interior Map
Change LogCompare Actor AttributeCompare Actor Gender
Compare Actor RaceCompare Actor SkillCompare Actor Specialization
Compare Actor TeamCompare Hire-able Actor AttributeCompare Hire-able Actor Skill
Compare Hire-able Actor TagCompare Hire-able Has CyberdeckCompare Team Attribute
Compare Team SkillCompare Team SpecializationComparison (Actor)
Comparison (Attribute)Comparison (Prop)Comparison (Skill)
Comparison (Specialization)Comparison (bool)Comparison (float)
Comparison (int)Comparison (string)Content Packs
Content PolicyConversationsEditor Overview
Editor Overview TablesEvalaute Tag Pattern for PropEvaluate Actor Consciousness
Evaluate Actor CoverEvaluate Actor Threat Type to ActorEvaluate Alarm State
Evaluate Cover Between ActorsEvaluate GoalEvaluate Nuyen
Evaluate Prop is Closed DoorEvaluate Tag Pattern for ActorEvaluate Tag for Actor
Evaluate Tag for PropEvaluate Team Survival PercentageEvaluate if Actor Has Item
Evaluate if Actor Has Item HolsteredEvaluate if Actor Has Temp BodyEvaluate if Actor is Downed
Evaluate if Actor is Inside RegionEvaluate if Stash Has ItemEvaluate if Team has Cyberdeck
EventsFAQGet Dependent Story Variable (bool)
Get Region EnabledGetting StartedGoals
InstallationInteractionsInvert Bool
MapsMatch (string)OR
On AI New TargetOn AI Red AlertOn AI Threat Evaluation
On Actor AliveOn Actor Awareness of Another ActorOn Actor Clicked
On Actor DamageOn Actor DeathOn Actor Downed
On Actor End TurnOn Actor Movement FinishedOn Actor Revived
On Actor Start TurnOn Actor TeleportOn Alarm Activated
On Camera Fade InOn Camera Fade OutOn Camera Region Activated
On Character Creation ConfirmedOn Combat EnteredOn Combat Exited
On Conversation CompleteOn Curtains UpOn Dimension Heat Threshold
On Equip ConfirmedOn Freemove Mode EnterOn Goal Update
On Host Jacked OutOn Item InteractionOn Item Pickup
On Item UsedOn Map StartOn New Round
On Region EnterOn Region ExitOn Roster Confirmed
On Store Screen ClosedOn Team Detain EnterOn Team Detain Exit
On Turn Mode EnterPathsProp Can Be Interacted With
PropertiesPropsPublishing Content
Quick Start Guide 1Quick Start Guide 2Quick Start Guide 3
RegionsScene AnalysisScene Contents
Scene DataScenesSetting Up Lighting
Story DataTagsTeleporting
The MatrixThe Test Bed WikiTriggers
Triggers ReferenceTroubleshootingVariables
File:NewCondition.pngFile:PasteAsLink.pngFile:Shadowrun Returns Editor Exterior Maps Tutorial
File:Shadowrun Returns Editor Interior Maps TutorialFile:Shadowrun Returns Editor Quickstart Guide 1File:Shadowrun Returns Editor Quickstart Guide 2
File:Shadowrun Returns Editor Quickstart Guide 3File:SpawnerActor.PNGFile:SpawnerPlayer.PNG

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