I am having issues installing/playing my game. What should I do?Edit

Check out Troubleshooting for some help regarding that!

Where are Shadowrun Returns files stored on my computer?Edit

Here is a list of locations, organised by OS. If you're worried about your Steam game saves, the Steam Cloud should automatically grab those unless you've turned off that functionality.

I think I've encountered a bug, where should I submit my report?Edit

Please send an email to containing a brief description of the bug and detailed steps on how you encountered or reproduce the bug in question. Our team will filter these into our backlog of fixes and improvements. We may contact you for more information regarding a bug you submit. In this case we'll ask you to send us your game log, which can be found at the following locations, by platform:

Windows: <Application Installation Folder>\Shadowrun_Data\output_log.txt

OSX: <USER>\Library\Logs\Unity\Player.log

And, thanks, by the way! Informed bug reports are super-useful!