Content PacksEdit

Content Packs are the way that the Editor organizes both the raw art assets and data for the game but also all the story-specific data for a campaign story.

A Content Pack might contain:

  • A Story: the map files, scene files, conversations, and quest items that story needs -- example: a player created Story
  • Custom Art / Data: only the art assets, items, portraits and characters can be referenced by other Content Packs -- examples: the Seattle content pack or the Berlin content pack
  • Both a Story and Custom Art / Data: the list above plus some unique art assets, items, portraits and characters. -- example: the Seattle campaign: Dead Man's Switch

Creating a Content PackEdit

In order to make a new Story a designer must first create a Content Pack:

  • Click "File" -> Select "New Content Pack."

This will bring up a window in which the designer will be asked to name their content pack, identify the author, and add a brief description.

File:Creating a New Content Pack - Naming and Descriptions.PNG

The designer will then be asked to choose the dependencies for the new content pack from a list of available content packs. Right now, that's only Seattle. As soon as you create a Content Pack of your own, it will be listed here although it likely won't contain any assets that you need to be dependent on.

File:Creating a New Content Pack - Choosing Your Dependencies.PNG

Finally, the designer will be asked to check their work before saving.

File:Creating a New Content Pack - Checking Your Work.PNG

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